Fluke Networks improves network analysis tablet

-May 01, 2013

Before my tenure covering test and measurement here at UBM, I spent many years as a freelance consultant, and much of my time was spent on wired/wireless network optimization. Fluke Networks’ new OptiView XG v10 network analysis tablet impresses me as a tool that cannot only perform stress-testing on a network, but it can also diagnose the issues in real time. For network operators whose customers’ expectations often exceed what is possible, this could be a real boon. I spent some time talking about this new product and its associated iPhone App, HeadsUp XG, with Dan Klimke, marketing manager at Fluke Newtorks.

Handling up to 10Gbps and 8 streams of data, the v10 of the OptiView XG aims to go after intermittent performance issues. The multiple streams can be multiple streams to a different end point or different types of data. This is handy for testing/validating quality of service. The OptiView XG v10 measures end-to-end network performance in terms of bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss and availability for 10/100 Mbps, 1/10 Gbps and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs. Network analysis can be performed from peer to peer (two XG units) or source to reflector (an XG unit and the company’s LinkRunner AT 2000 product). Results can be tracked in the iPhone App, HeadsUp XG which offers problem notification and investigation.

One of the interesting features of this product is its graphical path analysis, which allows the user to see the health of all devices in the network. The user can then layer test traffic and analyze at the same time in order to detect intermittent problems. The testing is controlled and observed at the “starting end” of the test, and a remote interface can be used to control the system from a PC.

This device is designed for use by network administrators, technicians, and engineers. Klimke tells me that Fluke already has thousands of these units in the field, and anyone with an XG model can upgrade through the company’s website. For older models, hardware upgrades are available.

Pricing for OptiView XG v10 starts at 20,000 USD, but may very depending on country rules and regulations.

Availability: OptiView XG v10 is available to all XG certified countries

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