TI ZigBee single-chip solution with ARM Cortex-M3 MCU

-May 19, 2013

Texas Instruments added a highly integrated SoC to its Zigbee product line that will help designers cut their time to market in ZigBee® wireless connectivity-enabled smart energy infrastructure, home and building automation and intelligent lighting gateways


The CC2538 supports ZigBee PRO, ZigBee Smart Energy and ZigBee Home Automation and lighting standards to deliver interoperability with existing and future ZigBee products. The SoC also supports IP standards-based development using IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN IPv6 networks for maximum flexibility.


The IC can sustain a mesh network with hundreds of end nodes via integrated 8K to 32K RAM options that are pin-for-pin compatible for maximum flexibility.

It will enable a secure, fast bring-up a system while using less energy through AES-128/256, SHA2 integrated hardware encryption engine, optional ECC-128/256, and RSA hardware acceleration engine for secure key exchange.

It is optimized for battery-powered applications using only 1.3uA in sleep mode.

Temperature operation up to 125 degrees Celsius is a feature that allows integration into markets that have stringent temperature environments.


Typical application circuit



Here is a great video to see the CC2538 in action:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player




Development tools and software


The CC2538 development kit (CC2538DK) provides a complete development platform for the device allowing users to see all functionality without additional layout. It comes with high-performance CC2538 evaluation modules (CC2538EMK) and mother boards with an integrated ARM Cortex-M3 debug probe for software development and peripherals including an LCD, buttons, LEDs, light sensor and accelerometer for creating demo software.


Two fully-featured evaluation modules (EM) are included in this kit.


Useful peripherals for prototyping on the EMs :

•Dot-matrix display


•Buttons and LEDs


There is a USB dongle for packet sniffing as a nice added feature.


An added RF performance optimization feature is the Smart RF Studio tool.


Sample applications include:


  • Packet error rate measurement for RF testing
  • Many other ZigBee sample applications

The CC2538DK development kit speeds up development time


The CC2538 supports current and future Z-Stack releases from TI and over the air downloads of software for easier upgrades in the field.



The CC2538 comes in an 8mm x 8mm QFN56 package and is under $3.00 in high volumes.


The CC2538DK costs $299


For more information visit Texas Instruments website

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