TI integrated triple-output synchronous buck converters

-August 16, 2014

Texas Instruments introduced some pretty useful integrated triple-output synchronous step-down switching regulators recently. The TPS65261 and TPS65262 DC/DC converters are in small QFN packages and up to 96 percent efficiency for such applications as digital television, set-top boxes, home gateway and access point networks, wireless routers, point-of-sale machines, and surveillance equipment.

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The ICs feature:

Wide 4.5-V to 18-V input supply voltage range for intermediate bus voltages operating off 5-V, 9-V, 12-V or 15-V power buses or batteries.

  • Constant frequency peak current mode simplifies design and enables system optimization.
  • 5-mm by 5-mm by 0.9-mm QFN package is 44 percent smaller than previous generation.
  • 0.6-V feedback reference supports processors demanding lower output voltage.
  • Integrated automatic power up/down sequencing.

TPS65261 and TPS65262-1

The TPS65261 provides 82 percent light load efficiency at 10 mA and offers three outputs of rated current at 3A/2A/2A. It features an adjustable 250-kHz to 2-MHz switching frequency with pulse skipping.  For forced continuous current operation without pulse skipping, TI offers the TPS65261-1. See Figure 1.


Figure 1: TPS65261, TPS65261-1, 4.5V-18V Vin, 3A/2A/2A Triple Synchronous Buck Converter


I really like the versatility and the adjustability of these devices that make it flexible for designers to hone in on their exact needs and functionality in one IC. See Figure 2.


Figure 2: TPS56261 and TPS65261-1 application circuit highlighting Power Failure Detection Threshold and Power Failure Indicator as well as Power Sequencing control


A tiny demo board is available for prototyping. See Figure 3.


Figure 3: TPS56261 and TPS65261-1, 2-layer, simple demo board


TPS65262 and TPS65262-1

The TPS65262 provides fixed 600-kHz switching operation and offers three outputs of rated current at 3A/1A/1A. Two integrated 200-mA and 100-mA low drop-out voltage linear regulators (LDOs) simplify board layout.  For digital multi-media applications requiring higher current, TI offers the TPS65262-1 with integrated 350-mA and 150-mA LDOs.



Figure 4: TPS65262 and TPS65262-1, 4.5V-18V Vin, 3A/1A/1A Triple Synchronous Buck Converter with Dual 0.1A/0.2A LDO



Figure 5: TPS56262 and TPS65262-1 application circuit highlighting Power Good function



Figure 6: TPS56262 and TPS65261-2, 2-layer, simple demo board


Packaging and pricing

The triple synchronous converters are available in a 32-pin QFN package, the TPS65261 is priced at US$1.90 and the TPS65262 is priced at US$2.05 in 1,000-unit quantities.

For more information, samples and an evaluation module, visit www.ti.com/tps65261-pr and www.ti.com/tps65262-pr.

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