IoT platform brings distributed intelligence to smart lighting and applications

-September 02, 2015

One of the reasons that lighting product designers should pay close attention to WiSilica's WiSe Connect IoT platform is that it isn't designed exclusively for lighting applications. Instead, it integrates a suite of intelligent lighting control functions into a much larger platform which can be tailored to meet the building automation needs of nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application. The platform makes it easy to bring together infrastructure, sensors, devices, and people into a single unified, smart environment based on a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE)-based mesh-networking platform.

WiSilica's WiSE Connect IoT platform provides intelligent, coordinated, and secure monitoring and control of nearly any smart building application, including smart lighting.

The WiSe platform enables customers to easily configure smart homes, buildings, lighting, sensors, and wearables into intelligent devices that they can manage via mobile apps and in the cloud. Using WiSilica’s proprietary mesh networking technology, it provides secure connectivity, control, management, and data gathering for lighting or nearly any smart object at the device, app, and cloud level. It can be used to connect thousands or even millions of devices, understand their environment, and apply its predictive intelligence to improve the user experience, reduce cost, and improve efficiency.
I've reviewed several other cloud-based smart building management platforms but WiSilica's solution is rather different for several reasons. For one thing, its real-time presence and awareness enables behavioral and contextual intelligence to be collected, synthesized, and delivered wherever it's needed. Translating that to plain English, it means that a lamp, luminaire, or other connected device can be configured to act on events initiated by other devices. Real-time presence and awareness are increased through a combination of cloud-based services and software agents running across devices, gateways, and applications, ensuring that smart environments can understand user needs in real-time and identify, predict, and synchronize services, rather than requiring all device prompts and triggers to be configured in advance.

Some of the key benefits and features afforded by the WiSilica platform include:

  • Anytime, anywhere access: leverages the existing smartphone ecosystem along with BLE protocols and mesh networking so users can manage and operate devices remotely using mobile apps and the cloud.
  • Decentralized control: enables phones to communicate directly with devices, eliminating the need for a bridge to support autonomously operating applications.
  • End-to-end solution based on an open platform: provides all necessary building blocks and framework to bring together infrastructure, sensors, devices, and people into a single, flexible, and intelligent system.
  • Scalability: The platform’s high-performance software fabric is easily scalable to support millions of Bluetooth devices, users, and bridges.
  • Secure connectivity: delivers enterprise-level security through 128-bit encryption, authentication, and role-based access control, to meet the most demanding requirements including such mission-critical applications as energy and healthcare services and critical infrastructure.
  • Over-the-air updates: All device firmware updates are conveniently executed over the air.
  • Big data analytics: enables users to collect terabytes of valuable, actionable, high-definition data.

Developers will appreciate WiSilica's comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that enables device manufacturers, installers, integrators, and data scientists to quickly develop their products taking full advantage of comprehensive pre-defined end user experience. The SDK includes a series of application-oriented modules and firmware libraries which serve as building blocks which streamline the process of creating and connecting smart environments that are managed using mobile apps and the cloud.

The WiSE Connect SDK includes a series of application-specific firmware libraries and software modules that ease development of applications at the device, app, and cloud levels.


The WiSilica platform is available now and currently shipping to customers. The platform can be used in a wide variety of healthcare, manufacturing, energy management, building automation, retail, infrastructure/environmental monitoring, and other applications, as well as smart environments for the home, office, and other facilities. More information about the WiSilica platform and development tools may be found here.

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