Real-time analyzer captures pulsed and modulated signals

-December 12, 2016

Like its USB-connected cousins, the Tektronix RSA7100A real-time spectrum analyzer operates with the help of a PC, but this one comes with its own dedicated PC, requiring higher-speed connections than the company's USB models.

Targeted at military, spectrum surveillance, wireless transmitter, and other high-end applications, the RSA7100A has optional RAID storage for the host PC (monitor not included) that lets you record up to two hours of data in real time. The base model is available with 14 GHz bandwidth, with 26.5 GHz optional and has real-time capture bandwidth of 320 MHz (800 MHz optional). The 320 MHz capture bandwidth is sufficient for analyzing LTE-Advanced and IEEE 802.11ac signals.

To process the data captured by the acquisition unit, the supplied host PC has a GPU card that connects to the acquisition unit through two PCIe cables. Non-streaming signal analysis is performed by the host computer's CPU. The system then has several options for software. For example, you can use the free SignalVu-PC package, which provides spectral displays, mask testing, adjacent-channel power, and other measurements. Options for pulse, modulation, and other, are available.

Without the RAID drives, the RSA7100A can store about 2 sec. of data on the host PC's hard drive. The additional RAID drives (options for 20 min or 120 min.) require the streaming option for SignalVu-PC. You also need DataVu-PC software to see the entire captured stream in real time. Options are also available that add pulse analysis and searching & marking features.


  • Base model, 16 kHz to 14 GHz, 320 MHz capture bandwidth (includes host PC): $135,000
  • 16 kHz to 26.5 GHz bandwidth: $4990
  • 800 MHz capture bandwidth: $19,900
  • RAID memory (20 min.): $18,900
  • RAID memory (120 min.): $27,900
  • SignalVu-PC Streaming (required for RAID options): $39,900
  • SignalVu-PC modulation analysis: $10,900
  • SignalVu-PC pulse analysis: $10,900
  • DataVu-PC basic license: $10,900
  • DataVu-PC pulse analysis (requires basic): $2490
  • DataVu-PC search and mark(requires basic): $2490

Tektronix, RSA7100A product page
SignalVu-PC product page
DataVu-PC product page

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