ATEasy 10 adds collaboration tools

-November 07, 2017

Many test development platforms have come and gone, but ATEasy from Marvin Test Solutions has stood the "test" of time. First released on 1991 and selected for a Test of Time finalist in 2010, and 2011, as well as a Best-in_test finalist in 2014, ATEasy has evolved and changed with the times, but has maintained compatibility of files throughout its long life.

Perhaps you're unfamiliar with ATEasy, a development environment that lets you develop ATE programs and test executives that control instruments regardless of the communications link: GPIB, PXI, VXI, USB, Ethernet, serial, and so on. You build a test sequence using a tree structure where you call code modules that contain the specific instructions for a test function. ATEasy combines graphical with text-based programming to let you build a hierarchy of test functions. It lets you build instrument drivers in much the same way it lets you build complete test programs. If you've ever programmed in Visual Basic, you'll be comfortable with ATEasy. For a detailed introduction to ATEasy, see this video.

ATEasy by Marvin Test Solutions
ATEasy from Marvin Test Solutions lets you build test applications using a tree structure. You can also build a graphical user interface.

Because ATEasy sees heavy use in military test systems—which have long lives—it's compatible with code written in any ATEasy version as well as dynamic-link libraries, .NET functions, LabVIEW VIs, and VXIplug&play drivers.

ATEasy 10 adds collaboration tools that let multiple engineers develop code on the same project from any location while keeping track of edits. Version 10 adds the ability to compare files across projects. It also runs code up to ten times faster that previous versions and it eliminates the need for installing the ATEasy runtime environment, because you can now create stand-alone executables. A new code editor lets you edit files in text format inside ATEasy's integrated development environment (IDE).

ATEasy 10's collaboration tools include the ability to compate files.

Prices start at $3995. Marvin Test Solutions, ATEasy product page.

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