Mixed Signal Integration MSSCSA: Single-chip spectrum analyzer has six normalized-center frequencies

-May 29, 2007

The one-sixth-octave-wide MSSCSA six-band, single-chip spectrum-analyzer IC provides normalized, master-clock controlled center frequencies of 1.12246, 1.2599, 1.4142, 1.5874, 1.78179, and 2 MHz. Using the clock at 25 MHz centers the analyzer’s 1.178179 output at 2 MHz. Features include six six-pole bandpass filters; an uncommitted op amp; analog gain control; a digitally controlled gain stage; and power-down, low-power, and regular-power selectable power modes. The device operates on a 3 to 5.5V-dc supply-voltage range. Applications include real-time spectrum analysis, audio and ultrasonic analysis, and vibration analysis. Available in a plastic SOIC-16 package, the MSSCSA costs $5.95 (1000).

Mixed Signal Integration, www.mix-sig.com

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