RF IC comes in SOIC and die-form packages

-September 05, 2006

Operating from 50-Hz to 7-MHz received frequencies, the MSRFIF RF-interface front-end IC runs at 5-kbps upconverting and 120-kbps downconverting data rates. The device suits remote medical sensing, theft detection, security systems, inventory control, access cards, automotive key identifications, and other RFID systems. Features include the ASK (amplitude-shift-keying) and PSK (phase-shift-keying) demodulation and ASK-modulation circuitry, a charge pump, an RSSI (received-signal-strength-inidcator) function, a power-down function, a duplexer, and a voltage output to power a microcontroller, a preamp, and other system functions operating at less than 50 μA. Available in a plastic SOIC-8 or in die-form packages, the MSRFIF costs 95 and 40 cents, respectively.

Mixed Signal Integration, www.mix-sig.com

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