MOSFET arrays support nanowatt-power circuit operation

-September 23, 2005

This family of quad/dual N-channel, matched-pair MOSFET arrays achieve a 0.2V threshold voltage with ±0.02V tolerances and ±10-mV offset. The ALD110802/ALD110902, ALD110808/ALD110908, and ALD110814/ALD110914 devices have gate-threshold voltages of 0.2V ±0.02V at 1μA, 0.8V±0.02V at 1μA, and 1.4V±0.04V, respectively. An A-grade version, the ALD110808A/ALD110908A is also available with a 0.8V±0.01V at 1μA. Available in PDIP and SOIC packages, the devices cost 67 cents (100).

Advanced Linear Devices,

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