AWG boasts 14-bit resolution, 12G-sample/sec updates, 5-GHz bandwidth, 2G-sample memory

-April 07, 2011

AWG boasts 14-bit resolution, 12G-sample/sec updates, 5-GHz bandwidth, 2G-sample memory imageAgilent Technologies (New Keysight) has added a high resolution, wide-bandwidth, 8- or 12 G-sample/sec modular instrument to its AWG (arbitrary-waveform-generator) portfolio. The M8190A enables radar-, satellite-, and electronic-warfare-device designers to make reliable, repeatable measurements and create highly realistic signal scenarios to test their products. Precision arbitrary-waveform generation is necessary for realistic testing of systems for detecting low-flying aircraft and for high-data-rate communications in satellite-communications systems. With resolution as high as 14 bits, the M8190A makes it easy for designers to distinguish between signals and distortion in their test scenarios and to more rigorously stress their devices. The instrument’s optional 2G-sample memory lets you create longer and more realistic test scenarios.

“The M8190 allows engineers to approach reality when they create test scenarios,” says Jürgen Beck, general manager of Agilent’s digital- and photonic-test business. “Because the generator simultaneously offers greater fidelity, higher resolution, and wider bandwidth and produces multilevel signals with programmable ISI [intersymbol interference] and jitter at frequencies to 3 Gbps, customers can create signal scenarios that push their designs to the limit and bring new insights to their analysis.”

The M8190A simultaneously offers 14 bits of resolution, as much as 5 GHz of analog bandwidth, and the ability to build realistic scenarios with 2G samples per channel of waveform memory. Compact modular AXIe (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture Extensions for Instrumentation and Test Express) architecture, which targets use in high-performance instrumentation, reduces system size, weight, and footprint.

Agilent’s Measurement Research Lab designed a proprietary DAC for the generator using an advanced silicon-germanium bipolar/CMOS process. The DAC operates at 8G samples/sec with 14-bit resolution and at 12 Gsamples/sec with 12-bit resolution. At 8 Gsamples/sec, the DAC delivers SFDR (spurious- free dynamic range) of as much as 80 dBc (decibels referenced to the carrier). This technology eliminates the trade-off between high resolution and wide bandwidth, so measurements are more reliable and repeatable and you are less likely to misinterpret glitches in the waveforms as analog output. The modular generator, whose US entry price is $79,000, works in either two- or five-slot AXIe chassis.

Keysight M8190A product page

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