Buck regulator platform boosts battery life and reduces standby power

September 29, 2012

The SC4530 from Semtech Corporation is a high-efficiency micropower step-down switching regulator. The 30V micropower buck regulator provides light-load efficiency greater than 80% at 650µA output and an ultra-small, 50mm2 solution footprint. This combination of features addresses the key requirements for long battery life, small size and design simplicity in notebook PCs and set-top box applications.

The SC4530 operates from a 3V to 30V supply and provides an adjustable output voltage with output current up to 300mA. The very-wide input voltage range enables the device to operate from a variety of input sources, including single- or multi-cell batteries, internal system rails, and wall adapters.

A web-based design evaluation and simulation model is available for the SC4530. It can be accessed through Semtech’s C-SIM design simulation tool at: http://semtech.transim.com/CSIM/pages/ProdSel.aspx?part_number=SC4530

The SC4530 is available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $0.58 each in 3,000-piece lots. The ordering code is SC4530WLTRT. Evaluation boards (SC4530EVB) are also available.

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