SparkFun’s LogicBlocks kit teaches digital logic

-November 11, 2012

Sparkfun has just announced the release of their LogicBlocks Kit – a new educational product designed to help students and beginners explore the obscure concept of digital logic.

The folks at Sparkfun say that LogicBlocks represents the first in a line of upcoming products the SparkFun Department of Education will introduce as a way of enhancing computer science education. These new products enable more creativity while teaching the fundamental aspects of understanding technology.

“The concept for the LogicBlocks came out of the frustration of learning digital logic without some form of hands-on activity," said Lindsay Levkoff, SparkFun director of education. “The different sequences of the blocks' orientations allow students to actually see the logic rather than just having it be a conceptual building block.”

Digital logic is the basis for digital computing and is one of the driving forces behind the world of electronics. It is essential in understanding how circuits and hardware communicate within a computer. This kit includes various blocks (such as Input, AND, OR, and NOT blocks) that snap together to create different strings of logic. Based on how the user assembles the LogicBlocks, they can see how different choices affect the output. The kit is easy to assemble and requires no soldering.

“LogicBlocks is perfect for beginners who want to explore working with digital logic,” said Jim Lindblom, SparkFun engineer and LogicBlock designer. “Users will experiment using digital logic and various inputs and outputs to get a better understanding of one of the central tenets of DIY electronics.”

The LogicBlocks Kit includes all the parts you need to start exploring digital logic and is priced at $39.95. For more information, please visit (also Click Here and Click Here to see two tutorials).

For more information about SparkFun’s Department of Education, please visit ( and get access to free curriculum, tutorials and more information about the company’s upcoming class schedule.

This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.

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