6.5-digit power supplies provide low-noise sourcing

-December 05, 2012

Members of Agilent’s B2900A series of source/measure units, the one-channel B2961A and two-channel B2962A power supplies offer voltage and current sourcing with a noise floor of 10 µV RMS. Both units provide 6.5-digit resolution and a bipolar sourcing range of 100 nV to 210 V and 10 fA to 3 A DC or 10.5 A pulsed.

The N1294A-021 ultra-low-noise filter option enables critical testing of noise-sensitive devices and samples, such as VCOs, crystal oscillators, ADCs, DACs, and analog RFICs. When outfitted with this dedicated external filter, the instruments achieve noise performance of 10 µV RMS from 10 Hz to 20 MHz or 1 nV RMS/√Hz at 10 kHz. The filter is available as an option or as an accessory and connects to the banana jack output of each channel.

Arbitrary waveform generation supports six predefined common waveforms and a user-defined waveform over a frequency range from 10 mHz to 10 kHz. Engineers can verify output voltage and current using the built-in 4.5-digit voltage/current monitor. Additionally output voltage and current can be checked graphically on the instruments’ front-panel 4.3-in. LCD using the time-domain voltage/current waveform viewer.

Prices start at $5784 for the single-channel B2961A and $8413 for the two-channel B2962A.

More information: http://cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/5991-0663EN.pdf

Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com

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