RF-DC and RF-RF SMT crossovers deliver low cost, low profile

-February 04, 2013

Two new miniature RF-DC and RF-RF SMT series Crossovers by AVX are capable of supporting frequencies up to 6GHz. Based on the company’s MLOT technology, the new X2A Series RF-DC Crossovers and X2B Series RF-RF Crossovers provide low cost and very low profile solutions for applications in which a critical RF circuit trace intersects a DC or an RF circuit.  In base stations, mobile communications, GPS, vehicle location systems, and wireless LANs, the X2A and X2B Series Crossovers provide an alternative to PCB vias and coaxial jumper cables.

AVX's X2A Series are designed for use in temperatures ranging from -55°C to +85°C, and feature low loss, DC/high isolation, and NiSn terminations compatible with automatic soldering technologies.  Both are packaged as 2020 case size Land Grid Arrays, featuring a low profile, improved heat dissipation, excellent solderability, and a CTE that matches most common circuit board materials. 


For more information visit AVX.


For datasheets on RF crossover products visit Datasheets.com.


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