Firmware boosts CATV test platform performance

-February 05, 2013

Sunrise Telecom announced a major firmware upgrade for its CM3000 and CM3800 DOCSIS 3.0 cable-modem network and spectrum analyzers, enabling cable providers to identify and resolve impairments before they affect customer experience.
Firmware version 2.23 allows technicians to analyze and troubleshoot difficult electrical interference and short-duration impulse noise problems in the RF and fiber-distribution network.

New features include a fast spectrum display with a 0.3-┬Ás sample rate and 100-ms sweep rate to capture even the shortest burst of ingress, impulse noise, or electrical interference in the upstream path. In addition, equalizer stress, frequency response, and group delay measurements have been added to the cable modem and digital video analyzer functions.

The firmware upgrade is available for both new and field-deployed CM3000 and CM3800 test instruments.

CM3000 datasheet

CM3800 datasheet

Sunrise Telecom,

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