Position sensor for contactless magnetic field measurement

-February 11, 2013

The KMA36 digital position sensor by Measurement Specialties measures precise rotational and incremental measurement of magnetic field fluctuations.  Employing anisotropic magneto resistive (AMR) technology the contactless sensor measures angles of an exterior magnet over a 360° rotation and incremental positions along a linear magnetic pole strip with a 5mm pole length.

Able to withstand harsh environments, the low-power KMA36 targets industrial, engine, robotics and motor machine apps. It can detect disturbances from weak fields to strong fields and is not susceptible to external noises found in Hall-effect position sensors. Pricing is $3.00USD/unit in 10,000 quantity. Contact company for delivery.

For more information visit Measurement Specialties.


For datasheets on contactless position sensors visit Datasheets.com.

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