Not your grandfather’s LVDT

-February 11, 2013

That’s what the company says—I’m just reporting here. The LA-25 series LVDTs for use in steel, aluminum, paper mills, fluid power systems and hydro plants is designed for harsh environments. The robust position sensor has a 1.00 inch OD aluminum housing with a wall 5x as thick as competitive products. It is terminated with either a cable in a cord grip or heavy-duty axial connector.

The housing features a threaded 3nd nose that can go through a 0.88 hold in a bulkhead or bracket up to 0.13 thick for single-hole mounting. It is available in full ranges from 3” to 15”. Rated IP-67, it can survive industrial wash downs and equipment cleaning.  Contact company for pricing and availability.

For more information, visit Alliance Sensors Group.


For datasheets on LVDTs, visit

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