Digital I/O board expands HIL test platform

-February 13, 2013

Designed to test automotive body electronics, the DS2690 digital I/O board from mechatronic control-system specialist dSpace integrates seamlessly with the company’s SCALEXIO HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) simulator.
The DS2690 offers a large number of dedicated I/O channels for signal generation and measurement, as well as an integrated failure-routing unit to perform failure simulation on all channels.

Test engineers can reprogram the functionality of the DS2690’s I/O channels to adapt the HIL test system for different vehicle-body ECUs (electronic control units), such as those used to control electric windows and windshield wipers. Signal types and channel bundling are configured with ConfigurationDesk, dSpace’s implementation and management software for SCALEXIO hardware.

DS2690 digital I/O board product page

SCALEXIO product page


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