Compliance software targets EEE standards

-February 18, 2013

Compatible with all of Agilent’s Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes that have 1-GHz or more of bandwidth, the N5392B EEE (Energy-Efficient Ethernet) electrical-performance validation and compliance application provides automated testing of EEE network devices.
The software allows engineers to verify and debug their designs to 10BASE-T, 100Base-T, and 1000Base-T standards as described in the IEEE 802.3az-2010 specification.

The scope option provides an automated script to execute Ethernet physical-layer electrical tests and can be automated to run over extended periods. It also lets engineers add incremental user-defined tests. Measurement data is displayed in report format, along with a margin analysis that shows how closely a device passed or failed each test.

The N5392B EEE compliance application costs $6500 and requires Wilder Technologies’ EEE electrical-compliance test fixture (EEE-TPA-ERK).

N5392B EEE compliance application datasheet

Agilent Technologies,

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