Powerline SoC for LED lighting in industrial and consumer apps

-February 19, 2013

The Hybrii family of SoC connectivity solutions at Greenvity Communications expanded to include the Hybrii-Mini GV7013. Compatible with the HomePlug Green PHY PLC specification for smart grid applications, the device specifically aims for intelligent and controlled LED lighting use.

The GV7013 enables intelligent LED lighting over long distances and ensures robust and reliable two-way communication for outdoor lighting and digital signage. It communicates through multiple walls and floors in residential and building environments. Based on its compatibility with the HomePlug Green PLY standard, it will be interoperable with existing HomePlug AV and IEEE P1901-based products such as home gateways, routers and STBs.

The highly integrated GV7013 offers data rates up to 9.8 Mbps. Using OFDM technology across the 2 MHz to 30 MHz spectrums, the device provides reliability and increases noise immunity.  The chip integrates a microprocessor for low power energy management and lighting control, and supports several interfaces including SPI, UART, I2C and PWM to directly control a variety of LED power drivers and LED chips. The GV7013 architecture and software allow mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad to control LED lights with dimming and color-tuning capabilities.

Samples and development boards are available now in limited quantities. Contact Greenvity for pricing.


For more information visit Greenvity Communications.


Download SoC datasheets at Datasheets.com

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