USB module performs 24-bit dynamic signal acquisition

-July 16, 2013

Useful for microphone and accelerometer measurement in vibration and acoustic applications, the USB-2405 from Adlink Technology is a dynamic signal-acquisition module equipped with four analog-input channels that simultaneously sample at rates of up to 128 ksamples/s with 24-bit resolution. The USB 2.0-based module provides software-selectable AC or DC input coupling and 2 mA of excitation current on each analog-input channel for IEPE (integrated electronic piezoelectric) sensor measurement.

Built-in antialiasing filters enable the filter cutoff frequency to be automatically adjusted to the sampling rate, suppressing out-of-band noise and minimizing distortion. The USB-2405 has a dynamic range of 100 dB and total harmonic distortion of   –94 dB. Auto-calibration ensures accuracy and reduces temperature drift in the field, enabling the unit to achieve a maximum gain drift of only 11 ppm/°C. External digital or analog triggering is possible using trigger modes such as post, delay, middle, gated, pretrigger, and retrigger.

The acquisition module employs BNC connectors and is powered via the USB. It comes with a stand that enables desktop, rail, or wall mounting. U-Test software for data-acquisition function testing is included free of charge and requires no programming.
USB-2405 acquisition module datasheet

Adlink Technology,

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