Autoranging meter finds leaky PCB components

-August 26, 2013

Leveraging a 16-bit converter and three fully automatic sensitivity modes, the LeakSeeker 89 from Electronic Design Specialists locates the exact spot on a pc board where a shorted or leaky component is bringing a power supply bus or data line to ground. LeekSeeker 89 locates defects from 0 to 300 Ω with no loss of resolution, and it can usually pinpoint the location of a defect within a fraction of an inch, even on multilayer boards with a power plane instead of individual traces.

The handheld instrument automatically calibrates itself to the resistance of the defect, choosing one of 65,535 windows that shows the distance to the short via nine LEDs. The window's sensitivity can be adjusted using the three-position GAIN switch for the type of pc board (thin traces, thick traces, or wide ground plane). Touch a pad in one direction or the other, and LeakSeeker beeps higher or lower and lights the LED distance scale to indicate that you are getting closer or further from the defect.

In addition to a set of gold-plated test clips and probes, LeakSeeker 89 comes with a 60-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

LeakSeeker 89 product page

Electronic Design Specialists,

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