OTN processor advances 400G switching

-March 24, 2015

Consuming 50% less power per port than its predecessor, the PM5990 DIGI-G4 from PMC-Sierra is one of the densest single-chip 4x100G OTN processors on the market, enabling the transition to 400G line cards in OTN switched metro networks and P-OTPs (packet optical transport platforms). It increases 10G, 40G, and 100G line-card port density fourfold, while providing flexible client mapping of Ethernet, storage, IP/MPLS, and SONET/SDH.

The DIGI-G4 delivers multi-rate, sub-180-ns latency OTN encryption, allowing cloud and communication service providers to ensure security without compromising performance. In addition, the device features integrated 100G gearbox for direct connection to CFP2, CFP4, and QSFP28 transceivers and a flexible framer-to-DSP interface that provides scalable line rates to match the programmable modulation capabilities of next-generation coherent DSPs.

A carrier-qualified OTN-switching software development kit for the DIGI-G4 comes with an application-driven adapter layer to abstract device complexities into a set of preconfigured applications to ease software integration.

The PM5990 DIGI-G4 is sampling now.

PM5990 DIGI-G4 product page

PMC-Sierra, www.pmcs.com

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