ClioSoft updates EDA management platform

-August 15, 2015

Version 7.0 of ClioSoft’s SOS design data and enterprise IP management platform for analog, RF, digital, and mixed-signal SoC design offers performance improvements that make it as much as 30 times faster than previous versions. Hyper-streaming data transport technology keeps design data at all remote sites in sync, while ensuring fast and efficient use of available bandwidth between sites.

For remote sites, SOS V7.0 provides faster queries and enhances data caching to allow quicker access to design data. Counterintuitively, the more remote the site, the better the improvement, according to the manufacturer. SOS V7.0 also improves scalability to accommodate more users and data traffic. Additionally, repository hot backup increases reliability and provides better fault tolerance.

Integrated with all major design flows, SOS enables local or globally dispersed design teams to build, manage, and collaborate on SoC designs and to improve design reuse within an enterprise, while maintaining the integrity of the design data. It furnishes integrated revision control, release and derivative management, and issue tracking interfaces to commonly used bug-tracking systems.

SOS V7.0 includes a tightly integrated interface to conventional EDA tools and is compatible with all earlier SOS versions.

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