Delay/pulse generator delivers picosecond resolution

-September 04, 2015

Outfitted with four or eight channels, the Berkeley Nucleonics Model 577 digital delay/pulse generator offers 250-ps width and delay resolution, while keeping internal jitter to less than 200 ps. The instrument, which is available through distributor Saelig, performs gating, triggering, delaying, clocking, and synchronization with timing precision that is sufficient for almost any application.

Each of the Model 577’s outputs can be individually configured with its own trigger, gate, delay, and width settings. Inputs and outputs can be all electrical, all optical, or a combination of both. For noisy environments or communications applications, an LED output stage is available at the front panel. This modular option can be configured for two, four, or eight outputs at 820 nm or 1300 nm.

Standard electrical output modules provide adjustable amplitudes of 4 V and 20 V from a 50-Ω source impedance. A 35-V output module is available, as well as a TTL/CMOS output module. Other features of the Model 577 include pulse picking; selectable external clocks; and USB, RS-232, Ethernet, and IEEE 488 interfaces. When synchronizing to an external clock, a number of frequencies are selectable between 10 MHz and 100 MHz in 1-MHz increments. The Model 577 stores setup configurations when powering down, and recall is automatic when the instrument is turned on.

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