Driver board works with SiC MOSFETs

-February 27, 2016

A gate driver board from Wolfspeed, the CGD15FB45P1, supports the company’s 1200-V SiC MOSFET power modules in two-level, three-phase inverter applications. Featuring a direct-mount low-inductance design, the driver board furnishes six output channels and an isolated power supply, as well as short-circuit, overtemperature, and undervoltage protection.

The CGD15FB45P1 offers a smaller footprint and enhanced functionality compared to its predecessor. For example, the driver’s increased power per channel enables a higher maximum switching frequency of 250 kHz. It also occupies a footprint of just 152.4×168.6 mm.

The gate driver is intended for use with the CCS020M12CM2 and CCS050M12CM2 SiC MOSFET 45-mm six-pack modules. These SiC MOSFET modules reduce switching loss and can replace Si IGBT modules of much higher rated current.

The CGD15FB45P1 gate driver board is available from Wolfspeed distributor RichardsonRFPD.

CGD15FB45P1 gate driver product page

CCS020M12CM2 MOSFET product page

CCS050M12CM2 MOSFET product page


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