Hipot units boast 4-in-1 test functions

-January 28, 2017

Associated Research has added two models to its HypotUltra line that offer AC hipot, DC hipot, insulation resistance, and ground bond testing. The Model 7804 is a 5-kV AC hipot and 6-kV DC hipot instrument with built-in insulation resistance and 40-A ground bond testing capabilities. The Model 7854 is a 500-VA AC hipot and 6-kV DC hipot tester with built-in insulation resistance and 40-A ground bond test capabilities.

Housed in slim, lightweight enclosures, the HypotUltra dielectric analyzers offer an intuitive touch-screen interface and a variety of communication interfaces, including RS-232, USB, Ethernet, GPIB, and PLC I/O. A barcode scanner connection increases efficiency and production throughput by allowing the use of a simple barcode scan to associate a DUT with the test sequence and test data.

Other features of the HypotUltra series include ProVolt, which permits voltages to be raised and held between test steps without having to wait to ramp up or down from zero. Onboard flash drive support and local data storage enable the instruments to save and record up to 10,000 test results. By teaming the HypotUltra with Autoware 3 automation and data-collection software, engineers can customize and filter test results from multiple workstations. The software also supports insulation-resistance batch testing and concatenated barcodes.

Available in the first quarter of 2017, the Model 7804 and Model 7854 cost $6999 and $7999, respectively.

HypotUltra series product page

Associated Research, www.arisafety.com

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