NI overhauls RF/microwave design environment

-January 31, 2017

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Enhancements found in Version 13 of National Instruments’ AWR design environment aim to improve RF and microwave engineering productivity. Multiple features are available to assist in design-flow management and simulation, supporting MMIC, RFIC, multichip module, and PCB technologies. In addition to expanded simulation capabilities within the Microwave Office APLAC harmonic balance and Visual System Simulator system-level simulation engines, speed improvements have been made to both the AXIEM planar 3D and Analyst arbitrary 3D electromagnetic solvers.

V13 also addresses specific system requirements with accurate simulated RF front-end component measurements provided through new communication libraries for 5G candidate modulation waveforms and phased-array behavioral model enhancements. RF power amplifier designers can use the system-level load-pull analysis in the Visual System Simulator to generate contours for communication performance metrics, such as ACPR and EVM. RF filter designers will benefit from new capabilities in the iFilter synthesis tool, while designers of passive and control components can leverage new synthesis capabilities and optimization methods using proprietary genetic algorithms.

In addition to design automation and simulation enhancements, user support has been expanded with interactive guided help and knowledge-base content. To learn more about the hundred-plus enhancements, upgrades, and updates in Version 13 of the AWR Design Environment, go to

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