Sensor boosts ambient light immunity

-February 13, 2017

TT Electronics’ OPB9000 optical sensor performs accurate edge and presence detection of reflective media under varying ambient light conditions, from dark rooms to bright sunlight. Suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical applications, the CMOS logic-output sensor achieves ambient light immunity of 25 klux minimum. It also operates over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

The OPB9000 offers programmable sensitivity and output configuration (polarity/open drain/push-pull). A self-calibration function eliminates the need for constant recalibration as the LED ages. Temperature compensation and automatic gain control allow reliable operation under demanding and dynamic environmental conditions, while a response time of 6 µs ensures high-speed detection for time-critical detection tasks.

With its integrated analog front end and digital interface, the OPB9000 helps eliminate circuit complexity and reduces board space requirements by as much as 80%. The sensor combines an infrared emitter and integrated logic sensor in a miniature 4.0×2.2×1.5-mm surface-mount package.  

OPB9000 datasheet

TT Electronics,

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