LXI digitizers capture up to 24 channels

-March 08, 2017

Entry-level digitizers in the DN6.22x series from Spectrum offer 12, 16, 20, and 24 channels, with each channel operating at 1.25 Gsamples/s. The high-end DN6.225 increases performance by sampling up to 12 channels at 2.5 Gsamples/s or 6 channels at 5 Gsamples/s.

Part of the digitizerNetBox lineup, the LXI-compliant instruments include all the tools needed to capture, digitize, and analyze electronic signals. Spectrum’s SBench 6 software allows control of all digitizer operating modes and hardware settings via a simple GUI. Full remote control is achieved through a Gigabit Ethernet port when connected to a PC or LAN.

Each channel of a DN6.22x series digitizer is outfitted with an ADC, 1 Gsample of acquisition memory, and independent signal-conditioning circuitry. ADCs are clocked synchronously to ensure that inter-channel timing measurements can be made with the best possible accuracy, while maintaining a constant phase relationship. In addition, front-end- amplifiers allow input signals to be correctly scaled, enabling the use of the ADC’s complete 8-bit dynamic range.

The DN6.22x digitizerNetBox instruments are available for immediate delivery. All units come with SBench 6 software and carry a two-year warranty.

DN622.x series product page
Spectrum, www.spectrum-instrumentation.com

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