Scope option tackles 1000Base-T1

-March 21, 2017

Option RTO-K87 for the Rohde & Schwarz RTO2000 digital oscilloscope enables compliance testing of automotive 1000Base-T1 Ethernet interfaces. Fast data transmission within automotive Ethernet networks is critical for driver assistance systems, as well as for autonomous driving applications. With this software option, engineers can perform the tests defined in the standard and assess the reliability of data communications over 1000Base-T1 interfaces.

The compliance software includes pictorial instructions that guide users through measurements step-by-step. It automatically configures the oscilloscope and documents results in a straightforward test report. In addition to 1000Base-T1, the software includes compliance tests for 100Base-T1/BroadR-Reach, as well as trigger and decoding options for LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, and CXPI.

When used in conjunction with the RTO-B6 integrated arbitrary waveform generator, the RTO2000 can independently generate the required 125-MHz interfering signal—with no additional instruments needed. In addition, the RTO-K87 test software supports the 1000Base-T1 standard’s return loss and mode conversion measurements, which are performed on a Rohde & Schwarz network analyzer.

RTO-K87 1000Base-T1 compliance test software is available now. Price quotes and demos can be requested using the online form on the product page.

Option RTO-K87 product page

RTO2000 oscilloscope product page

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