Digital thermometers measure wide range

-March 23, 2017

Single-input HH911T and dual-input HH912T digital thermometers from Omega enable temperature measurements from −250°C to +1372°C (−418°F to +2502°F). The user-configurable thermometers accommodate Type K, J, T, or E thermocouple probes and provide basic accuracy of ±(0.04% |rdg| + 0.3°C).

Powered by three AA batteries, the HH911T and HH912T operate at a rate of 3 readings/s for up to 2000 hours. Their ergonomic design not only allows one-handed operation, but also makes tools easy to read, hold, and clean. In addition, each thermometer comes with a tilt stand and magnetic mount for hands-free operation.

A four-digit backlit display with function annunciators furnishes real-time statistical data, including minimum, maximum, average, range, and standard deviation. The dual-input HH912T also displays the difference between the two thermocouple probe readings.

The single-input HH911T and dual-input HH912T thermometers cost $280 and $335, respectively. Each instrument comes with a Type K thermocouple probe per channel.

HH911T/HH912T product page

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