ADC targets GHz bandwidth applications

-May 07, 2017

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Based on a 28 nm CMOS process, the AD9208 dual 14 bit ADC from Analog Devices enables IF sampling of signals at up to 9 GHz (-3 dB point). The AD9208 meets the increased spectral efficiency demands of 4G/5G multiband wireless communication base stations. It provides low-noise spectral density for diversity radio and I/Q modulation systems, while consuming half the power of alternative devices, according to the manufacturer.

With sampling speeds of up to 3 Gsamples/s, the converter facilitates direct RF signal-processing architectures and delivers high oversampling. This simplifies front-end filtering, reducing receiver design complexity and overall system cost. The converter furnishes Subclass 1 JESD204B-coded serial digital output that is user-configurable for one-lane, two-lane, four-lane, or eight-lane operation, with lane rates of up to 16 Gbps/lane. Using default settings, total power per channel at 3 Gbps is 1.65 W.

The AD9208 ADC integrates four wideband decimation filter and NCO blocks supporting multiband receivers, a temperature diode for system thermal management, and a three-wire serial port interface. Housed in a 12×12 mm, 196 lead BGA package and specified over an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the AD9208 costs $1326.

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