Color sensor cuts BOM/assembly costs

-May 15, 2017

The AS7261 Jencolor XYZ color sensor from ams can be implemented in handheld color-analysis instruments with the addition of just external LEDs and a few other components, while its simplified optical and mechanical design enables rapid integration and system design. Together, these features reduce both bill-of-materials and assembly costs compared to products based on earlier color sensor ICs.

A six-channel chromatic white color sensor, the AS7261 provides direct XYZ color coordinates consistent with the CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer framework. It also maps the XYZ coordinates to the x,y (Y) of the two-dimensional color gamut and scales them to the CIE 1976 u’v’ coordinate system. The device’s multichannel filter set, integrated at the silicon-wafer level, offers dark, clear, and near-infrared channels, as well as the XYZ color-sensing channels.

Measurements of white light made by the AS7261 are typically accurate to within ±0.002 du’v’ in the CIE 1976 scale. The color sensor incorporates a programmable LED driver for electronic shutter control and synchronization, a UART or I2C interface, and an aperture built into its 4.5×4.7 mm LGA package that offers a ±20.5° field-of-view for high sensing accuracy.

Currently in production, the AS7261 color sensor costs $4 in lots of 1000 units.

AS7261 product page


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