I/Q mixers simplify wideband designs

-May 29, 2017

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Passive in-phase quadrature RF mixers, the HMC819x series from Analog Devices, cover a frequency range of 2.5 GH to 42 GHz. Over ten discrete components would be required to cover the same frequency range as can be achieved using the three devices that comprise the HMC819x series. The mixers are well-suited for industrial applications that require wideband support, including test and measurement and defense electronics.

The HCM819x mixers achieve isolation of 35 dB or greater for both LO to RF and LO to IF and greater than 20 dB for RF to IF. Their inherent I/Q architecture accomplishes image/sideband rejection of 25 dBc or greater without the use of external filtering. Input IP3 of more than 20 dBm is realized over the wide bandwidth, while maintaining low conversion loss and high dynamic range.

The HCM8191 has a frequency range of 2.5 GHz to 8.5 GHz and comes in a 4×4-mm, 24-lead LFCSP. Spanning a frequency range of 20 GHz to 42 GHz, the HCM8192 is housed in a 4×4-mm, 25-lead LGA package. The HCM8193 is offered in the same 4×4-mm, 24-lead LFCSP as the HCM8191, but provides a frequency range of 6 GH to 26 GHz. Respective prices for the HCM8191, HCM8192, and HCM8193 mixers are $54.94, $57.40, and $29.42 in lots of 1000 units. The HCM8191 and HCM8193 are available now, while the HCM8192 will be available in September.

HCM8191 product page
HCM8192 product page
HCM8193 product page

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