VNAs tackle high data-rate designs

-June 03, 2017

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A universal fixture option for Anritsu’s VectorStar MS4640B series of VNAs enhances model accuracy through improved test fixture de-embedding. When configured with the UFX option, the vector network analyzers provide engineers with an increased range of on-wafer and fixture calibration choices, even when a full set of calibration standards is not available.

The UFX option addresses the design challenges associated with the high-frequency, high data-rate requirements of 4G and emerging 5G systems, as well as backhaul and data centers, by furnishing analysis tools that enable more accurate DUT performance validation. Its advanced de-embedding capabilities allow engineers to incrementally add calibration standards and characteristic data as they become available for improved fixture extraction accuracy.

In addition, the UFX option includes a sequential peeling function to aid in the analysis of isolated defects within the text fixture. Signal-integrity engineers can generate a .sNp file for a portion of the fixture, such as those found in transitions, based on phase function matching.

VectorStar VNAs offer broad coverage, from 70 kHz to 145 GHz, in a single instrument. To request a quote, fill out the form on the VectorStar MS4640B series product page.

VectorStar VNA product page


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