DACs work with optical modules

-June 25, 2017

A pair of DACs from Analog Devices, the 12-bit AD5767 and 16-bit AD5766 reduce the footprint of wired telecommunication systems. These highly integrated 16-channel devices come with all the required bias ranges for coherent optical systems of medium-haul to long-haul, fiber-based telecommunication deployments. They are particularly well-suited for optical modules and electro-optical functions, such as bias control, including Mach-Zehnder modulator-bias control.

Housed in small 4×4-mm WLCSP and 6×6-mm LFCSP packages, the converters provide a range of unipolar or bipolar output voltages from a user-supplied 2.5 V reference. Outputs can be adjusted down to -20 V or as high as +14 V, and output buffers sink or source up to 20 mA. The DACs can impose low-frequency dithering on these outputs if needed, eliminating the need for external circuitry.

In addition to an integrated output multiplexer, both converters employ a four-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates of up to 50 MHz for write mode and is compatible with SPI, QSPI, Microwire, and DSP interface standards. The pin- and footprint-compatible AD5766 is functionally identical to the AD5767, but with 16-bit resolution.

Operating over a temperature range of -40°C to +105°C, the AD5767 and AD5766 cost $31.50 and $35 each in lots of 1000 units. The AD5767 is available now, while the AD5766 will be available in August 2017.

AD5767 product page

Analog Devices, www.analog.com

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