Transistor touts wideband operation

-June 27, 2017

The AFG24S100HR5 RF power transistor from NXP Semiconductors operates from 1 MHz to 2700 MHz and includes input-matching for extended bandwidth performance. This GaN-on-SiC depletion-mode HEMT device delivers up to 125 W of CW output (125 W peak pulse) for use in public mobile radios, wireless cellular infrastructure, wideband laboratory amplifiers, and various industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

In a 2500 MHz narrowband test circuit, the AFG24S100HR5 provides a power gain of 16.0 dB CW (18.0 dB pulse) with drain efficiency of 64.2% CW (66.8% pulse). Other specifications include thermal resistance of 0.86°C/W and ruggedness of greater than 20:1 VSWR. The part is housed in a NI-360H-2SB ceramic flanged package and operates from a supply voltage of 50 VDC.

The NXP Semiconductor AFG24S100HR5 RF power transistor is available from Richardson RFPD at a single unit price of $498.40.

AFG24S100HR5 product page

Richardson RFPD,

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