DC loads handle up to 350 W

-June 28, 2017

DL3000 series DC electronic loads from Rigol draw maximum power up to 350 W, 150 V, and 60 A to provide a baseline for testing mainstream designs. Comprising four programmable models, the DL3000 series helps engineers determine the power performance of their designs by evaluating power consumption, optimizing power efficiency, and maximizing battery life.

Along with a 4.3-in. TFT display, the single-channel loads provide four constant modes (current, voltage, power, and resistance), four transient modes (continuous pulse, timed pulse, toggle, and list), and three application modes. An integrated battery test mode allows users to complete battery discharge testing to observe live capacity in mAh and service time.

The DL3021 and DL3021A have a total power rating of 200 W, maximum voltage of 150 V, and maximum current of 40 A. The DL3031 and DL3031A have a total power rating of 350 W, maximum voltage of 150 V, and maximum current of 60 A. Standard frequency range is 0.001 Hz to 15 kHz, while the “A” versions offer an extended frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 30 kHz. The high-end DL3031A provides a current slew rate of up to 5 A/µs.

DL3000 electronic loads come with free UltraLoad software that allows instrument monitoring and control over a USB interface or LAN connection. Respective prices for the DL3021, DL3021A, DL3031, and DL3031A are $499, $799, $999, and $1499.

DL3000 series product page

Rigol Technologies, www.rigolna.com

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