SiC MOSFET comes in TO-263 package

-September 04, 2017

Richardson RFPD offers the Wolfspeed C3M0075120J silicon-carbide power MOSFET, as well as design support for the N-channel enhancement-mode device. Housed in a 7-lead TO-263 package, the MOSFET delivers high blocking voltage with low on-resistance: 1200 V and 75 mΩ, respectively. A Kelvin source pin in the TO-263 package allows the device to be driven at higher frequencies and enables efficient designs.

The C3M0075120J has a creepage distance between the drain and source pins of 7 mm, while an intrinsic diode offers low reverse recovery charge of 220 nC and reverse recovery time of 18 ns. In addition to a drain-source voltage of 1200 V, the part provides a continuous drain current of 30 A at 25°C, a maximum junction temperature of 150°C, and an output capacitance of 58 pF. The MOSFET can be used in renewable energy, electric-vehicle battery charger, high-voltage DC/DC converter, and switch-mode power supply applications.

The C3M0075120J SiC power MOSFET is available from distributor Richardson RFPD and costs $12.

C3M0075120J product page


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