Magnetic sensors are feature-rich

-September 10, 2017

Comprising three families, the Si720xx Hall-effect sensor portfolio from Silicon Labs combines very low power and high sensitivity. Add such features as I2C configurability, built-in tamper detection, and temperature sensing, and these magnetic sensors outclass reed switches and conventional Hall-effect devices in a wide range of open/close and position-sensing applications.

Si72xx series sensors can be used in battery-powered systems without impacting the system’s battery life. Operating below 100 nA (sleep current) and at less than 400 nA with a 5 Hz sampling rate, the Si72xx series helps achieve multiyear and decade-long battery lifetimes, even when powered by very small batteries. A sensitivity of 1.1 mT BOP enables developers to reduce the size of magnetics in their designs by 50% to 80% or extend sensing range by 2X or more.

Production quantities and samples of the Si72xx Hall-effect magnetic sensors are available now in 3-pin and 5-pin SOT-23 packages. Prices start at $0.45 each in lots of 10,000 units. The Si72xx-WD-KIT demo kit is also available for $149. The kit includes a preprogrammed EFM32 Happy Gecko SDK, a wheel demo expansion board, and six postage stamp-size boards to evaluate the various Si72xx sensor types.

Si72xx series product page

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