Wireless receiver suits mobile devices

-September 10, 2017

A wireless power receiver, the MAX77950 from Maxim, operates as a transmitter in PeerPower mode to enable peer device power transfer through in-band ASK communications. The dual-mode receiver uses near-field magnetic induction when coupled with a WPC or PMA transmitter and provides output power of up to 12 W. Additionally, a small wafer-level package makes the MAX77950 well-suited for wearable and mobile applications, including headsets, smartphones, smart watches, and portable medical devices.

Precision output current and voltage sensing over the entire load range enables accurate received power packets, as defined in WPC specifications for best foreign object detection. The MAX77950 supports FSK demodulation to receive PMA advertisement ID, as well as WPC FSK packets. It communicates with an application processor through an I2C serial interface, providing power-transfer status and alerts.

In lots of 1000 units, the MAX77950 wireless power receiver costs $1.41 each. An evaluation kit, the MAX77950EVKIT, is a fully assembled and tested PCB that designers can use to demonstrate the performance of the MAX77950 wireless power receiver IC. The MAX77950EVKIT costs $70 each.

MAX77950 product page

Maxim Integrated Products, www.maximintegrated.com

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