BLE SoC senses tire pressure

-September 24, 2017

The SmartBond DA14585 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) SoC from Dialog Semiconductor monitors the air pressure and temperature inside automotive tires. Instead of using proprietary or nonstandard sub-GHz radios to transfer information to the automobile’s computer, the DA14585 TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) sensor uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with the computer.

A BLE-enabled TPMS built with the DA14585 does not require a microcontroller. The part handles all of the processing for a TPMS, while bringing the added benefits of security, upgradable firmware, and connectivity to automobile computers via a single node for all Bluetooth Low Energy functions.

The DA14585 supports all Bluetooth developments up to and including Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Low Energy mesh. Along with its ARM Cortex-M0 CPU, the device integrates 96 kbytes of RAM (double that of its predecessor), as well as 64 kbytes of one-time programmable memory. The chip even furnishes a microphone interface for voice support. In addition to TPMS applications, the DA14585 can be used for remote controls, proximity tags, beacons, connected medical devices, and smart home nodes.

Housed in a QFN40 package, the DA14585 costs approximately $1.98 in lots of 1000 units and is available through Dialog Semiconductor’s distributor network.

DA14585 product page

Dialog Semiconductor,

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