Controller automates Type-C validation

-October 09, 2017

The N7018A test controller from Keysight enables automated validation of USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3, and DisplayPort devices over a USB Type-C interface. A key component of Keysights’ high-speed validation systems, the N7018A provides full control of the USB Type-C interface and can set power contracts up to 100 W (consuming or providing). It can also put devices into alternate mode for DisplayPort or Thunderbolt testing.

By using LFPS (low-frequency periodic signaling) for the control of USB 3.1 devices and routing SBU (sideband use) lines to industry-standard controllers for alternate-mode testing, the N7018A provides complete test device control. LBPM (LFPS based pulse width modulation) signaling is supported to ensure a device is able to negotiate up to USB 3.1 Gen 2, while access to key signals, such as VBUS, SBU, and CC (configuration channel) lines, allows power up/debug, interface protocol monitoring, and power delivery testing.

U7243C USB3.1, U7232E DisplayPort, and N6470B Thunderbolt transmitter compliance test software for Infiniium oscilloscopes is available for integration with the N7018A controller. Additionally, the N5452A remote programming toolkit enables unattended testing by sequencing automatically through the different compliance packages after a one-time setup.

Prices for the N7018A Type-C test controller start at $7000.

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