Handheld analyzers gain VSA, I/Q analysis

-October 09, 2017

Keysight has added new enhancements to its FieldFox lineup of handheld RF and microwave analyzers, including a link to the company’s 89600 VSA (vector signal analysis) software, along with I/Q analyzer and RTSA (real-time spectrum analyzer) modes. The FieldFox series provides a choice of 22 combination and spectrum analyzer models with frequency coverage from DC to 50 GHz.

The FieldFox-to-89600 VSA link allows hardware and software to be teamed for design and troubleshooting of devices using such signal formats as APCO-25 and TETRA for public safety radio; IEEE 802.11p for wireless vehicular communications; low-power WANs and other formats for IoT; and cellular communications, including LTE, WCDMA, and GSM.

Option 351 provides an I/O analyzer mode for FieldFox that enables frequency and time-domain measurements, along with customizable multi-domain display views. It also allows verification of baseband subsystems and final signal-chain integration, as well as troubleshooting of signal-quality degradation due to hardware and software issues.

Prices for FieldFox RF and microwave analyzers start at $8309. The FieldFox 89600 VSA software link and I/Q analyzer and RTSA modes are available on FieldFox combo and spectrum analyzer models. I/Q analyzer and RTSA software options are priced at $5,000; 89600 VSA software link requires spectrum analyzer mode only to enable connection. Users can upgrade the analyzer with the use of a software license key.

FieldFox product page

89600 VSA product page

Keysight Technologies, www.keysight.com

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