Wireless transceiver supports dual standards

-October 15, 2017

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The ML7404 RF transceiver from Lapis Semiconductor boasts LPWA (low power wide area) dual-mode functionality to enable new wireless IoT applications. This LSI device supports both Sigfox (subscription-based LPWA using unlicensed sub-GHz frequency bands), which has been adopted in more than 30 countries, and the IEEE 802.15.4k long-range wireless standard, which provides robust interference from the same system and has the capacity to cover more terminals under one network.

Communication modules containing the ML7404 transceiver will be released from partner companies to simplify the development of LPWA-compatible products and help increase IoT adoption. In addition, the protocol stack for IEEE 802.15.4k will be open sourced from Lapis partner stack vendors.

An optional evaluation kit bundles sample programs (simple MAC) and various test scenarios with reference module designs currently in development. Full support is offered, including manuals and tools, that can be downloaded from the Lapis website (registration required).

Read the full press announcement here.

ML7404 product page

Lapis Semiconductor,

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