DAQ starter kit employs 12-bit ADC

-October 22, 2017

At just $89, Dataq’s DI-1110 USB data acquisition system provides eight differential analog inputs and seven bidirectional discrete ports. Two ports are programmable as a counter or frequency input. Analog inputs have a fixed measurement range of ±10 V full-scale and are multiplexed to a 12-bit ADC.

The DI-1110 allows real-time data acquisition, playback, and analysis. Its sample rate is programmable to as low as 2.2 samples/hr and as fast as 160,000 samples/s. In addition, the unit’s armored analog inputs withstand voltages up to ±100V without damage, while digital inputs are protected up to 25 V.

Each data acquisition system comes with ready-to-run WinDaq software to enable simultaneous disk streaming and real-time display of measurement data at the hardware rate. Also included are cursor-based waveform analytical tools and an export-to-Excel function. WinDaq/Unlock is required to record more than four total channels and costs $99.

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