LED driver offers dual dimming modes

-October 29, 2017

A single-stage LED driver-converter with an integrated 2 A, 600 V MOSFET, Diodes’ AL1673 allows both PWM and analog dimming. When a 0.3 VDC to 2.4 VDC signal is applied on the APWM pin, the device operates in analog dimming mode. When a digital signal is applied on the same pin, the AL1673 operates in PWM dimming mode. The AL1673’s PWM dimming range is 3% to 100% at a 1 kHz PWM frequency. Analog dimming range is 12% to 100%.

The AL1673 is a constant-current flyback/buck-boost converter with primary-side regulation control. A PF (power factor) and THD (total harmonic distortion) compensation circuit enables the AL1673 to provide high PF of >0.9 and low THD of <20%. In order to reduce switching losses and improve EMI performance, quasi-resonant switching mode is applied.

Built-in protection features include undervoltage lockout, output overvoltage, output open circuit, output short circuit, thermal foldback, and overtemperature. The AL1673 operates over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C and comes in an SO-8EP package.

Sold through Diodes’ distributor network, the AL1673 LED driver costs $0.58 each. In lots of 1000 units, the cost of the driver drops to $0.24720 each.

AL1673 product page

Diodes Inc., www.diodes.com

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