Power monitor IC is accurate to 0.3%

-November 05, 2017

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Linear Technology’s LTC2992 monitors the current, voltage, and power of two 0 V to 100 V rails without additional circuitry. The part employs three delta-sigma ADCs and a multiplier to provide 8-bit or 12-bit current and voltage measurements and 24-bit power readings. Measurements are made with only ±0.3% total unadjusted error over the entire temperature range. If any parameter trips the user-programmable thresholds, the LTC2992 flags an alert register and pin per the SMBus alert response protocol.

The LTC2992 power monitor offers flexible supply options, deriving power from a 3 V to 100 V monitored supply, a 2.7 V to 100 V secondary supply, or from an onboard shunt regulator for supplies >100 V. These options eliminate the need for a separate buck regulator, shunt regulator, or inefficient resistive divider. A 400 kHz I2C interface features nine device addresses, a stuck-bus reset timer, and a split SDA pin that simplifies I2C optoisolation. The LTC2992-1 has an inverted data output I2C pin for use with inverting optoisolator configurations.

Both the LTC2992 and LTC2992-1 come in commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature versions housed in 16-lead MSOP or 16-lead, 4×3-mm DFN packages. Prices for the power monitor ICs start at $3.85 each in lots of 1000 units.

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