Tektronix goes ATE with faceless oscilloscope

-November 16, 2017

Earlier this year, Tektronix introduced the MSO5 series of 12-bit oscilloscopes with four, six, or eight analog channels. This week, the company announced a "faceless" version aimed at ATE applications. As where the bench version MSO5 series competes with other bench oscilloscopes, the low-profile version competes with modular oscilloscopes and digitizers.

 Tektronix MSO5 Low Profile oscilloscope

The low-profile MSO5's case is rack mountable, making it suitable for automated test or machine monitoring. It delivers all the specs of its benchtop cousins. Basic specs include:

  • Eight analog inputs.
  • FlexChannel feature lets you substitute eight digital channel for any analog channel.
  • 1 GHz bandwidth on all channels.
  • Real-time same rate of 6.25 Gsamples/s.
  • 12-bit ADC on each channel. High-res mode increases resolution to 16 bits (125 Msamples/s).
  • Effective number of bits, 7.6 @ 1 GHz, 8.9 @20 MHz.
  • Record length 125 Msamples/channel
  • Optional jitter and serial bus analysis
  • Channel math, FFT, cursors (for use in bench/dubug applications)
  • Connectivity: 6 USB host inputs, one USB device, LAN, DisplayPort, DVI-D, SVGA. No GPIB connectivity.

If you currently use an MSO5 series bench oscilloscope for device validation and characterization, you can easily transfer any automation code you've written to production with the Low-Profile MSO5 because internal functionality and hardware is identical. You might, however, be tempted to think that the Low-Profile MSO5 series can be used as a system controller, given its six USB host ports, but the unit's operating system is a closed Linux distribution. You still need a separate PC for automated use. You can use the six USB device ports to create a network, from which you can add more instruments or accessories such as external storage. You can also add an Ethernet switch or USB hub if you need more than one MSO5 low-profile unit. If you primarily use GPIB, note that these instruments lack a GPIB port.

Tektronix MSO5 Low Profile oscilloscope in rack

Base price: $39,900. Tektronix, MSO5 Low-Profile product page.

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